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June 09 2015


Bunions Cause And Effect

Bunions hard skin A bunion is a firm, painful bump that forms over a bony bulge at the base of the big toe. In most cases, the big toe joint also is enlarged and has degenerative arthritis. The toe also may be pushed toward the second toe (hallux valgus). Bunions tend to be inherited, but they also are common in the following groups. Women who wear high heels. People who wear shoes that are too narrow or too pointed. People with flatfeet. All of these situations force the big toe to drift toward the little toes, and this can cause bunions to form.

Bunions can be caused by improper footwear. Genetics. Foot injuries. Congenital deformities. Medical conditions such as arthritis. Stress on feet. Bunions are mainly caused by genetics. The bunion itself is not inherited, but the person?s hereditary foot type and gait pattern makes them more prone to developing bunions.You can also begin to develop bunionsby wearing shoes that are too tight or too small. When you wear shoes of this nature, your toes are squeezed together. Bunions are not caused by crowding of the toes, but wearing tight shoes can worsen the condition and cause symptoms to appear sooner. Some people are born with birth defects that put them at higher risk for developing bunions.

Symptoms include redness, swelling and pain which may be present along the inside margin of the foot. The patients feet may become too wide to fit into their normal size shoes and moderate to severe discomfort may occur when the patient is wearing tight shoes. A "hammer toe" may occur at the 2nd toe. This is when the toe contracts and presses on the shoe. Subsequently, this may cause a corn on top of the 2nd toe.

Your family doctor or chiropodist /podiatrist can identify a bunion simply by examining your foot. During the exam, your big toe will be moved up and down to determine if your range of motion is limited. You will be examined for signs of redness or swelling and be questioned about your history of pain. A foot x-ray can show an abnormal angle between the big toe and the foot. In some cases, arthritis may also be seen. A X-ray of your foot may help identify the cause of the bunion and rate its severity.

Non Surgical Treatment
The non-invasive treatments for bunions are many and include changes in footwear, icing the sore area, over the counter pain medications, orthotic shoe inserts, and weight management. If these conservative measures fail to arrest your pain and discomfort, your foot and ankle surgeon may recommend a bunionectomy or similar surgical procedure, depending on your condition. Bunion pain

Surgical Treatment
Surgical options, such as a bunionectomy, can remove the bunion and realign the toe. There are several types of surgeries to fix the bunion. The type of bunion you have along with other factors such as the degree of severity and underlying cause of the bunion will determine which approach would be most beneficial for you.
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April 16 2015


The Cause And Treatment For Adult Aquired FlatFeet

Adult-Acquired Flat Foot Deformity (AAFFD) is most commonly caused by a progressive degeneration of the tendon (tibialis posterior) that supports the arch of the foot. As the tendon ages or is subjected to repetitive trauma, it stretches out over time, the natural arch of the foot becomes less pronounced and the foot gradually flattens out. Although it is uncertain why this occurs, the problem is seen equally among men and women - at an increasing frequency with age. Occasionally, a patient will experience a traumatic form of the condition as a result of a fall from a height or abnormal landing during aerial sports such as gymnastics or basketball. Adult acquired flat feet

There are numerous causes of acquired adult flatfoot, including fracture or dislocation, tendon laceration, tarsal coalition, arthritis, neuroarthropathy, neurologic weakness, and iatrogenic causes. The most common cause of acquired adult flatfoot is posterior tibial tendon dysfunction.

Most people will notice mild to extreme pain in their feet. Below outlines some signs and symptoms of AAFD. Trouble walking or standing for any duration. Pain and swelling on the inside of the ankle. Bump on the bottom of the foot. Ulcer or wound developing on the outer aspects of foot.

It is of great importance to have a full evaluation, by a foot and ankle specialist with expertise in addressing complex flatfoot deformities. No two flat feet are alike; therefore, "Universal" treatment plans do not exist for the Adult Flatfoot. It is important to have a custom treatment plan that is tailored to your specific foot. That starts by first understanding all the intricacies of your foot, through an extensive evaluation. X-rays of the foot and ankle are standard, and MRI may be used to better assess the quality of the PT Tendon.

Non surgical Treatment
Because of the progressive nature of PTTD, early treatment is advised. If treated early enough, your symptoms may resolve without the need for surgery and progression of your condition can be arrested. In contrast, untreated PTTD could leave you with an extremely flat foot, painful arthritis in the foot and ankle, and increasing limitations on walking, running, or other activities. In many cases of PTTD, treatment can begin with non-surgical approaches that may include. Orthotic devices or bracing. To give your arch the support it needs, your foot and ankle surgeon may provide you with an ankle brace or a custom orthotic device that fits into the shoe. Immobilization. Sometimes a short-leg cast or boot is worn to immobilize the foot and allow the tendon to heal, or you may need to completely avoid all weight-bearing for a while. Physical therapy. Ultrasound therapy and exercises may help rehabilitate the tendon and muscle following immobilization. Medications. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as ibuprofen, help reduce the pain and inflammation. Shoe modifications. Your foot and ankle surgeon may advise changes to make with your shoes and may provide special inserts designed to improve arch support. Flat foot

Surgical Treatment
Many operations are available for the treatment of dysfunction of the posterior tibial tendon after a thorough program of non-operative treatment has failed. The type of operation that is selected is determined by the age, weight, and level of activity of the patient as well as the extent of the deformity. The clinical stages outlined previously are a useful guide to operative care (Table I). In general, the clinician should perform the least invasive procedure that will decrease pain and improve function. One should consider the effects of each procedure, particularly those of arthrodesis, on the function of the rest of the foot and ankle.

March 15 2015


The Cause For Adult Aquired Flat Feet


Painful progressive flatfoot, otherwise known as tibialis posterior tendonitis or adult-acquired flatfoot, refers to inflammation of the tendon of the tibialis posterior. This condition arises when the tendon becomes inflamed, stretched, or torn. Left untreated, it may lead to severe disability and chronic pain. People are predisposed to tibialis posterior tendonitis if they have flat feet or an abnormal attachment of the tendon to the bones in the midfoot.Acquired Flat Foot


As discussed above, many different problems can create a painful flatfoot. Damage to the posterior tibial tendon is the most common cause of AAFD. The posterior tibial tendon is one of the most important tendons of the leg. It starts at a muscle in the calf, travels down the inside of the lower leg and attaches to the bones on the inside of the foot. The main function of this tendon is to support the arch of your foot when you walk. If the tendon becomes inflamed or torn, the arch will slowly collapse. Women and people over 40 are more likely to develop problems with the posterior tibial tendon. Other risk factors include obesity, diabetes, and hypertension. Having flat feet since childhood increases the risk of developing a tear in the posterior tibial tendon. In addition, people who are involved in high impact sports, such as basketball, tennis, or soccer, may have tears of the tendon from repetitive use. Inflammatory arthritis, such as rheumatoid arthritis, can cause a painful flatfoot. This type of arthritis attacks not only the cartilage in the joints, but also the ligaments that support the foot. Inflammatory arthritis not only causes pain, but also causes the foot to change shape and become flat. The arthritis can affect the back of the foot or the middle of foot, both of which can result in a fallen arch. An injury to the tendons or ligaments in the foot can cause the joints to fall out of alignment. The ligaments support the bones and prevent them from moving. If the ligaments are torn, the foot will become flat and painful. This more commonly occurs in the middle of the foot (Lisfranc injury), but can also occur in the back of the foot. Injuries to tendons of the foot can occur either in one instance (traumatically) or with repeated use over time (overuse injury). Regardless of the cause, if tendon function is altered, the forces that are transmitted across joints in the foot are changed and this can lead to increased stress on joint cartilage and ligaments. In addition to tendon and ligament injuries, fractures and dislocations of the bones in the midfoot can also lead to a flatfoot deformity. People with diabetes or with nerve problems that limits normal feeling in the feet, can have collapse of the arch or of the entire foot. This type of arch collapse is typically more severe than that seen in patients with normal feeling in their feet. In addition to the ligaments not holding the bones in place, the bones themselves can sometimes fracture and disintegrate without the patient feeling any pain. This may result in a severely deformed foot that is very challenging to correct with surgery. Special shoes or braces are the best method for dealing with this problem.


Pain and swelling around the inside aspect of the ankle initially. Later, the arch of the foot may fall (foot becomes flat), this change leads to walking to become difficult and painful, as well as standing for long periods. As the flat foot becomes established, pain may progress to the outer part of the ankle. Eventually, arthritis may develop.


Although you can do the "wet test" at home, a thorough examination by a doctor will be needed to identify why the flatfoot developed. Possible causes include a congenital abnormality, a bone fracture or dislocation, a torn or stretched tendon, arthritis or neurologic weakness. For example, an inability to rise up on your toes while standing on the affected foot may indicate damage to the posterior tibial tendon (PTT), which supports the heel and forms the arch. If "too many toes" show on the outside of your foot when the doctor views you from the rear, your shinbone (tibia) may be sliding off the anklebone (talus), another indicator of damage to the PTT. Be sure to wear your regular shoes to the examination. An irregular wear pattern on the bottom of the shoe is another indicator of acquired adult flatfoot. Your physician may request X-rays to see how the bones of your feet are aligned. Muscle and tendon strength are tested by asking you to move the foot while the doctor holds it.

Non surgical Treatment

Initial treatment for most patients consists of rest and anti-inflammatory medications. This will help reduce the swelling and pain associated with the condition. The long term treatment for the problem usually involves custom made orthotics and supportive shoe gear to prevent further breakdown of the foot. ESWT(extracorporeal shock wave therapy) is a novel treatment which uses sound wave technology to stimulate blood flow to the tendon to accelerate the healing process. This can help lead to a more rapid return to normal activities for most patients. If treatment is initiated early in the process, most patients can experience a return to normal activities without the need for surgery.

Acquired Flat Feet

Surgical Treatment

For those patients with PTTD that have severe deformity or have not improved with conservative treatments, surgery may be necessary to return them to daily activity. Surgery for PTTD may include repair of the diseased tendon and possible tendon transfer to a nearby healthy tendon, surgery on the surrounding bones or joints to prevent biomechanical abnormalities that may be a contributing factor or both.
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March 05 2015


Dealing With Achilles Tendonitis


Achilles TendonYou can feel your Achilles tendon beneath the skin on the back of your ankle. It is a fibrous band of tissue that connects your calf muscles to your heel bone (calcaneus), which allows you to lift your heel off the ground. Most commonly an overuse injury, the term Achilles tendinitis commonly refers to, acute inflammation in the sheath surrounding your tendon, chronic damage to the tendon itself, called tendinosis, a combination of the two. Achilles tendinitis can range from mild inflammation to, in rare cases, a tendon rupture. One type of tendinitis, called insertional Achilles tendinitis, can affect the end of the tendon where it attaches to your heel bone. Achilles tendinitis also can be associated with other foot problems, such as painful flat feet.


Achilles tendinitis can be caused by any activity that puts stress on your Achilles tendon. Tendinitis can develop if you run or jump more than usual or exercise on a hard surface. Tendinitis can be caused by shoes that do not fit or support your foot and ankle. Tight tendons and muscles, You may have tight hamstring and calf muscles in your upper and lower leg. Your tendons also become stiffer and easier to injure as you get older. Arthritis, Bony growths caused by arthritis can irritate the Achilles tendon, especially around your heel.


People with Achilles tendinitis may experience pain during and after exercising. Running and jumping activities become painful and difficult. Symptoms include stiffness and pain in the back of the ankle when pushing off the ball of the foot. For patients with chronic tendinitis (longer than six weeks), x-rays may reveal calcification (hardening of the tissue) in the tendon. Chronic tendinitis can result in a breakdown of the tendon, or tendinosis, which weakens the tendon and may cause a rupture.


Physicians usually pinch your Achilles tendon with their fingers to test for swelling and pain. If the tendon itself is inflamed, your physician may be able to feel warmth and swelling around the tissue, or, in chronic cases, lumps of scar tissue. You will probably be asked to walk around the exam room so your physician can examine your stride. To check for complete rupture of the tendon, your physician may perform the Thompson test. Your physician squeezes your calf; if your Achilles is not torn, the foot will point downward. If your Achilles is torn, the foot will remain in the same position. Should your physician require a closer look, these imaging tests may be performed. X-rays taken from different angles may be used to rule out other problems, such as ankle fractures. MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) uses magnetic waves to create pictures of your ankle that let physicians more clearly look at the tendons surrounding your ankle joint.

Nonsurgical Treatment

Most of the time, treatment for achilles tendinitis beginning with nonsurgical options. Your CFO physician may recommend rest, ice, ibuprofen, and physical therapy. If after 6 months, the pain does not improve, surgical treatment may be necessary. The type of surgery would depend on the exact location of the tendinitis and extent of damage.

Achilles Tendon

Surgical Treatment

Many people don't realize that Achilles tendon surgery can be very traumatic to your body. The type of trauma you experience after surgery can be compared to what you go through when you first injured your Achilles tendon. During the first 24 to 72 hours after the surgery your ankle will be tender, swollen and very painful. Your leg will be weak and unstable making it impossible for you to put weight on your leg without some kind of help. This is why your doctor or surgeon will have you outfitted for a cast, ankle brace and/or crutches before the procedure. When you are relying on a cast/brace and crutches your Achilles tendon is less likely to be as active as it once was. This is usually why atrophy (loss) of your lower leg muscles (specifically your calf muscle) happens. In general, more than 80%* of people who undergo surgery for an injured Achilles Tendon are able to return to their active lifestyle. In order to avoid re-injury, it is important to commit to a regular conservative therapy routine.


Wear shoes that fit correctly and support your feet: Replace your running or exercise shoes before the padding or shock absorption wears out. Shock absorption greatly decreases as the treads on the bottoms or sides of your shoes begin to wear down. You may need running shoes that give your foot more heel or arch support. You may need shoe inserts to keep your foot from rolling inward. Stretch before you exercise: Always warm up your muscles and stretch gently before you exercise. Do cool down exercises when you are finished. This will loosen your muscles and decrease stress on your Achilles tendon. Exercise the right way: If your tendinitis is caused by the way that you exercise, ask a trainer, coach, or your caregiver for help. They can teach you ways to train or exercise to help prevent Achilles tendinitis. Do not run or exercise on uneven or hard surfaces. Instead, run on softer surfaces such as treadmills, rubber tracks, grass, or evenly packed dirt tracks.

January 12 2015


What Causes Painful Heel To Appear

Plantar Fascitis


Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common explanations of heel pain. It is caused by inflammation to the thick band that connects the toes to the heel bone, called the plantar fascia, which runs across the bottom of your foot. The condition is most commonly seen in runners, pregnant women, overweight people, and individuals who wear inadequately supporting shoes. Plantar fasciitis typically affects people between the ages of 40 and 70. Plantar fasciitis commonly causes a stabbing pain in the heel of the foot, which is worse during the first few steps of the day after awakening. As you continue to walk on the affected foot, the pain gradually lessens. Usually, only one foot is affected, but it can occur in both feet simultaneously. To diagnose plantar fasciitis, your doctor will physically examine your foot.


Factors which may contribute to plantar fasciitis and heel spurs include a sudden increase in daily activities, increase in weight (not usually a problem with runners), or a change of shoes. Dramatic increase in training intensity or duration may cause plantar fasciitis. Shoes that are too flexible in the middle of the arch or shoes that bend before the toe joints will cause an increase in tension in the plantar fascia. Even though you may have run in shoes that are flexible before, now that you have developed plantar fasciitis, make certain that your shoe is stable and does not bend in the midfoot. Check and be certain that your shoes are not excessively worn. Shoes that do not sufficiently control excessive pronation combined with an increase in training can lead to this condition. A change in running style or parameters, such as starting speed work, running on the ball of your foot or sudden increase in hill workouts may lead to problems. All changes should be gradual and not abrupt. Gait changes such as altering your foot strike, switching shoe style, running barefoot or in minimalist shoes should all be made gradually and not abruptly. The "terrible too's" of too much, too soon, too often with too little rest also applies to "too many changes with too little adaptation". Make your changes gradually and allow your muscles, bones, and other body structures to adapt to the alterations you may be attempting.


A very common complaint of plantar fasciitis is pain in the bottom of the heel. Plantar fasciitis is usually worse in the morning and may improve throughout the day. By the end of the day the pain may be replaced by a dull aching that improves with rest. Most people suffering from plantar fasciitis also complain of increased heel pain after walking for a long period of time.


Your doctor will check your feet and watch you stand and walk. He or she will also ask questions about your past health, including what illnesses or injuries you have had. Your symptoms, such as where the pain is and what time of day your foot hurts most. How active you are and what types of physical activity you do. Your doctor may take an X-ray of your foot if he or she suspects a problem with the bones of your foot, such as a stress fracture.

Non Surgical Treatment

The good news is that plantar fasciitis is reversible and very successfully treated. About 90 percent of people with plantar fasciitis improve significantly within two months of initial treatment. If your plantar fasciitis continues after a few months of conservative treatment, your doctor may inject your heel with steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (corticosteroid). Cortisone injections have been shown to have short-term benefits but they actually retard your progress in the medium to long-term, which usually means that you will suffer recurrent bouts for longer. Due to poor foot biomechanics being the primary cause of your plantar fasciitis it is vital to thoroughly assess and correct your foot and leg biomechanics to prevent future plantar fasciitis episodes or the development of a heel spur. Your physiotherapist is an expert in foot assessment and its dynamic biomechanical correction. They may recommend that you seek the advice of a podiatrist, who is an expert in the prescription on passive foot devices such as orthotics.

Pain At The Heel

Surgical Treatment

Surgery should be reserved for patients who have made every effort to fully participate in conservative treatments, but continue to have pain from plantar fasciitis. Patients should fit the following criteria. Symptoms for at least 9 months of treatment. Participation in daily treatments (exercises, stretches, etc.). If you fit these criteria, then surgery may be an option in the treatment of your plantar fasciitis. Unfortunately, surgery for treatment of plantar fasciitis is not as predictable as a surgeon might like. For example, surgeons can reliably predict that patients with severe knee arthritis will do well after knee replacement surgery about 95% of the time. Those are very good results. Unfortunately, the same is not true of patients with plantar fasciitis.

January 09 2015


What Exactly Triggers Plantar Fasciitis

Feet Pain


Heel pain is a common foot condition. It's usually felt as an intense pain when using the affected heel. Heel pain usually builds up gradually and gets worse over time. The pain is often severe and occurs when you place weight on the heel. In most cases, only one heel is affected, although estimates suggest that around a third of people have pain in both heels. The pain is usually worse first thing in the morning, or when you first take a step after a period of inactivity. Walking usually improves the pain, but it often gets worse again after walking or standing for a long time. Some people may limp or develop an abnormal walking style as they try to avoid placing weight on the affected heel.


Factors which may contribute to plantar fasciitis and heel spurs include a sudden increase in daily activities, increase in weight (not usually a problem with runners), or a change of shoes. Dramatic increase in training intensity or duration may cause plantar fasciitis. Shoes that are too flexible in the middle of the arch or shoes that bend before the toe joints will cause an increase in tension in the plantar fascia. Even though you may have run in shoes that are flexible before, now that you have developed plantar fasciitis, make certain that your shoe is stable and does not bend in the midfoot. Check and be certain that your shoes are not excessively worn. Shoes that do not sufficiently control excessive pronation combined with an increase in training can lead to this condition. A change in running style or parameters, such as starting speed work, running on the ball of your foot or sudden increase in hill workouts may lead to problems. All changes should be gradual and not abrupt. Gait changes such as altering your foot strike, switching shoe style, running barefoot or in minimalist shoes should all be made gradually and not abruptly. The "terrible too's" of too much, too soon, too often with too little rest also applies to "too many changes with too little adaptation". Make your changes gradually and allow your muscles, bones, and other body structures to adapt to the alterations you may be attempting.


The condition typically starts gradually with mild pain at the heel bone often referred to as a stone bruise. You're more likely to feel it after (not during) exercise. The pain classically occurs right after getting up in the morning and after a period of sitting. If you don't treat plantar fasciitis, it may become a chronic condition. You may not be able to keep up your level of activity, and you may develop symptoms of foot, knee, hip and back problems because plantar fasciitis can change the way you walk.


A thorough subjective and objective examination from a physiotherapist is usually sufficient to diagnose plantar fasciitis. Occasionally, further investigations such as an X-ray, ultrasound or MRI may be required to assist with diagnosis and assess the severity of the condition.

Non Surgical Treatment

Treatment for plantar fasciitis includes medication, physical therapy, shock wave therapy, or surgery. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen and naproxen are used to treat the inflammation and pain of plantar fasciitis, but they won’t cure the condition. Corticosteroids can also be used to ease pain and reduce inflammation. Corticosteroids are applied either as a topical solution in conjunction with a non-painful electric current or through injections to the affected area.

Foot Pain

Surgical Treatment

Although most patients with plantar fasciitis respond to non-surgical treatment, a small percentage of patients may require surgery. If, after several months of non-surgical treatment, you continue to have heel pain, surgery will be considered. Your foot and ankle surgeon will discuss the surgical options with you and determine which approach would be most beneficial for you. No matter what kind of treatment you undergo for plantar fasciitis, the underlying causes that led to this condition may remain. Therefore, you will need to continue with preventive measures. Wearing supportive shoes, stretching, and using custom orthotic devices are the mainstay of long-term treatment for plantar fasciitis.

January 02 2015


Symptoms Of Broken or Fractured Toes

Did you know that redheads require 20% more general anesthesia than non-gingers before going under the knife? Often taken for granted, our feet and ankles are subjected to a rigorous workout everyday. Pain, such as may occur in our heels, alerts Bunions Hard Skin us to seek medical attention. The fungal problems seen most often are athlete's foot and fungus nails. Big toe joint pain can be a warning sign of arthritis. Enter the shape, color, or imprint of your prescription or OTC drug. Help!!!!!

Orthotics are shoe insoles, custom-made to guide the foot into corrected biomechanics. Orthotics are commonly prescribed to help with hammer toes, heel spurs, metatarsal problems, bunions, diabetic ulcerations and numerous other problems. They also help to minimize shin splints, back pain and strain on joints and ligaments. Orthotics help foot problems by ensuring proper foot mechanics and taking pressure off the parts of your foot that you are placing too much stress on. Dr. Cherine's mission is to help you realize your greatest potential and live your life to its fullest.

Those affected by inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and Achilles tendonitis are also likely to experience pain and swelling in the ankles. If the joints in the feet get affected by osteoarthritis, it gives rise to pain, stiffness, swelling in or around the joint, and restricted range of motion. Since pain in the feet could be caused due to a variety of reasons, the treatment will depend on the underlying cause. Many a time, pain could be experienced by people who perform high-impact exercises such as running, jogging and other sports. Those who have been experiencing pain while running must make sure that they wear a good quality footwear. Painkillers or steroids might be prescribed for the treatment of a sprained ankle.Plantar Fasciitis,Pes Planus,Mallet Toe,High Arched Feet,Heel Spur,Heel Pain,Hammer Toe,Hallux Valgus,Foot Pain,Foot Hard Skin,Foot Conditions,Foot Callous,Flat Feet,Fallen Arches,Diabetic Foot,Contracted Toe,Claw Toe,Bunions Hard Skin,Bunions Callous,Bunion Pain,Ball Of Foot Pain,Back Pain

On the other hand, the surgical hip pain treatment includes total hip bone replacement surgery. Although it is always advisable to consult the doctor if you experience pain in the hip that lasts for more than a couple of hours, you can try some home remedies to temporarily get rid of the sharp hip pain. One should note that these home remedies are not to be substituted for proper medical treatment. Ice packs and cool compresses are helpful to ease pain and inflammation on various parts of the body. Rest and ice the sole of your feet.Plantar Fasciitis,Pes Planus,Mallet Toe,High Arched Feet,Heel Spur,Heel Pain,Hammer Toe,Hallux Valgus,Foot Pain,Foot Hard Skin,Foot Conditions,Foot Callous,Flat Feet,Fallen Arches,Diabetic Foot,Contracted Toe,Claw Toe,Bunions Hard Skin,Bunions Callous,Bunion Pain,Ball Of Foot Pain,Back Pain

Bunions are bony lumps that develop on the side of your foot and at the base of your big toe. They're the result of a condition called hallux valgus, which causes your big toe joint to bend towards your other toes and become may also develop a bursa here too, especially if your shoes press against the bunion. Sometimes swellings or bursae on the joints in your feet are also called bunions, but these aren't the same as bunions caused by hallux valgus. Hallux valgus is different to hallux rigidus, which is osteoarthritis of the big toe joint. Hallux rigidus causes your big toe to become stiff and its range of movement is reduced. Symptoms of a bunion can be controlled by choosing shoes with a soft, wide upper to reduce pressure and rubbing on your joint. Toes form hammer or claw shape.

December 14 2014


Achilles Tendonitis Information


Achilles TendonThe Achilles tendon camera.gif connects the calf muscle to the heel bone. It lets you rise up on your toes and push off when you walk or run. The two main problems are, Achilles tendinopathy. This includes one of two conditions, Tendinitis. This actually means "inflammation of the tendon." But inflammation is rarely the cause of tendon pain. Tendinosis. This refers to tiny tears (microtears) in the tissue in and around the tendon. These tears are caused by overuse. In most cases, Achilles tendon pain is the result of tendinosis, not tendinitis. Some experts now use the term tendinopathy to include both inflammation and microtears. But many doctors may still use the term tendinitis to describe a tendon injury. Problems with the Achilles tendon may seem to happen suddenly. But usually they are the result of many tiny tears in the tendon that have happened over time. Achilles tendinopathy is likely to occur in men older than 30. Most Achilles tendon ruptures occur in people 30 to 50 years old who are recreational athletes ("weekend warriors"). Ruptures can also happen in older adults.


Achilles tendinitis can be caused by overly tight calf muscles, excessive running up hill or down hill, a sudden increase in the amount of exercise, e.g. running for a longer distance, wearing ill-fitting running shoes, such as those with soles that are too stiff, or wearing high heels regularly, or changing between high heels all day and flat shoes or low running shoes in the evening. Overuse is common in walkers, runners, dancers and other athletes who do a lot of jumping and sudden starts/stops, which exert a lot of stress on the Achilles tendon. Continuing to stress an inflamed Achilles tendon can cause rupture of the tendon - it snaps, often with a distinctive popping sound. A ruptured Achilles tendon makes it virtually impossible to walk. An Achilles tendon rupture is usually treated by surgical repair or wearing a cast.


A symptom is something the patient feels and reports, while a sign is something other people, such as a doctor, detect. For example, pain is a symptom, while a rash is a sign. The most typical symptom of Achilles tendinitis is a gradual buildup of pain that deteriorates with time. With Achilles tendinitis, the Achilles tendon may feel sore a few centimeters above where it meets the heel bone. Other possible signs and symptoms of Achilles tendinitis are, the Achilles tendon feels sore a few centimeters above where it meets the heel bone, lower leg feels stiff or lower leg feels slow and weak. Slight pain in the back of the leg that appears after running or exercising, and worsens, pain in the Achilles tendon that occurs while running or a couple of hours afterwards. Greater pain experienced when running fast (such as sprinting), for a long time (such as cross country), or even when climbing stairs. The Achilles tendon swells or forms a bump or the Achilles tendon creaks when touched or moved. Please note that these symptoms, and others similar can occur in other conditions, so for an accurate diagnosis, the patient would need to visit their doctor.


Examination of the achilles tendon is inspection for muscle atrophy, swelling, asymmetry, joint effusions and erythema. Atrophy is an important clue to the duration of the tendinopathy and it is often present with chronic conditions. Swelling, asymmetry and erythema in pathologic tendons are often observed in the examination. Joint effusions are uncommon with tendinopathy and suggest the possibility of intra-articular pathology. Range of motion testing, strength and flexibility are often limited on the side of the tendinopathy. Palpation tends to elicit well-localized tenderness that is similar in quality and location to the pain experienced during activity. Physical examinations of the Achilles tendon often reveals palpable nodules and thickening. Anatomic deformities, such as forefoot and heel varus and excessive pes planus or foot pronation, should receive special attention. These anatomic deformities are often associated with this problem. In case extra research is wanted, an echography is the first choice of examination when there is a suspicion of tendinosis. Imaging studies are not necessary to diagnose achilles tendonitis, but may be useful with differential diagnosis. Ultrasound is the imaging modality of first choice as it provides a clear indication of tendon width, changes of water content within the tendon and collagen integrity, as well as bursal swelling. MRI may be indicated if diagnosis is unclear or symptoms are atypical. MRI may show increased signal within the Achilles.

Nonsurgical Treatment

Treating Achilles tendinitis rarely requires much professional intervention. Ease the pain with OTC pain killers. Stretch and strengthen the Achilles tendon. Stop the condition from happening again. Doctors treating Achilles tendinitis will recommend the following options for accomplishing this. Pain Killers - Generally ibuprofen (Advil) or naproxen (Aleve) will ease the mild pain. Physical Therapy, Stretches and exercises devised to lengthen and strengthen the Achilles tendon will help reduce pain and prevent future recurrence. Orthopedic Supports, Heel-elevating insoles or other orthotic devices can reduce the strain on the Achilles tendon, helping ease the inflammation and pain.

Achilles Tendon

Surgical Treatment

Surgery is considered the last resort and is often performed by an orthopedic surgeon. It is only recommended if all other treatment options have failed after at least six months. In this situation, badly damaged portions of the tendon may be removed. If the tendon has ruptured, surgery is necessary to re-attach the tendon. Rehabilitation, including stretching and strength exercises, is started soon after the surgery. In most cases, normal activities can be resumed after about 10 weeks. Return to competitive sport for some people may be delayed for about three to six months.


While it may not be possible to prevent Achilles tendinitis, you can take measures to reduce your risk. Increase your activity level gradually. If you're just beginning an exercise regimen, start slowly and gradually increase the duration and intensity of the training. Take it easy. Avoid activities that place excessive stress on your tendons, such as hill running. If you participate in a strenuous activity, warm up first by exercising at a slower pace. If you notice pain during a particular exercise, stop and rest. Choose your shoes carefully. The shoes you wear while exercising should provide adequate cushioning for your heel and should have a firm arch support to help reduce the tension in the Achilles tendon. Replace your worn-out shoes. If your shoes are in good condition but don't support your feet, try arch supports in both shoes. Stretch daily. Take the time to stretch your calf muscles and Achilles tendon in the morning, before exercise and after exercise to maintain flexibility. This is especially important to avoid a recurrence of Achilles tendinitis. Strengthen your calf muscles. Strong calf muscles enable the calf and Achilles tendon to better handle the stresses they encounter with activity and exercise. Cross-train. Alternate high-impact activities, such as running and jumping, with low-impact activities, such as cycling and swimming.

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Hammertoe Surgery Complications

In some cases, usually when the hammertoe has become more rigid, surgery is needed to relieve the pain and discomfort caused by the deformity. Your foot and ankle surgeon will discuss the options and select a plan tailored to your needs. Among other concerns, he or she will take into consideration the type of shoes you want to wear, the number of toes involved, your activity level, your age, and the severity of the hammertoe. Most importantly, wear well-fitted shoes. If one of your feet is bigger than the other, make sure that you fit your shoes to the bigger foot. If you're familiar with Soft Star's footwear philosophy then you probably already know we're not fans of shoes that place form over function. We understand that many women wear high heels and tight shoes as fashion choices, but we also see the damaging effects these shoes have on our customers' feet. One of the most common foot problems that women suffer is hammertoe. Since bunions are a bony structural problem, the most definitive treatment is surgery People, however, often postpone surgery due to their misconceptions. While some were once true and might be still in some cases, for the most part, they are no longer a consideration. Diabetes – patient struggling with diabetes are more likely to suffer from this condition due to reduced sensitivity of the feet and toes. They are no longer able to feel the muscles and toes in their body contract. Apart from the obvious physical deformity, hammer toes also happen alongside other symptoms which include the formation of corns and calluses, and difficulty walking especially in tight shoes. Treatment Options for Hammer Toes When none of these options are working for you, consider going under the knife to straighten the affected joint. Ideal Feet Has a Solution!   Flat feet can lead to muscle and tendon stretching force weakened, throw an Achilles tendon inflammation and arthritis. High arch foot causes the foot stiff action, weakening the cushioning effect, increase the knees and back pressure. Former corrections available shoes or orthopedic treatment; the latter should choose loose soft bottom shoes to relieve foot buffer force. Under normal circumstances, your toes are naturally extending forward with a natural sliding curve. With hammer toes, however, the toes appear in an awkward position that closely resembles a hammer, thus the name. This is because hammertoes causes a bending on the second to fourth joints causing them to appear crooked. Foot health and shoe comfort are critical factors for a runner. Shoes that curl your toes can cause pain, corns, blisters and calluses. Toe curling can result from anatomical imbalances, muscle or bone weaknesses or shoe deficiencies. Poor-fitting, worn and unsupportive running shoes can exacerbate problems with your feet. To prevent toe curling, wear a shoe that fits properly and provides space for toe movement. Size of Shoes To help prevent hammertoe, wear roomy, low-heeled shoes that allow plenty of width and length for the toes. The Mayo Clinic recommends wearing shoes that have at least 1/2 inch of space between the shoe and the longest toe. Expert Insighthammer toe causes Often patients with hammertoe have bunions or other foot deformities corrected at the same time. In selecting the procedure or combination of procedures for your particular case, the foot and ankle surgeon will take into consideration the extent of your deformity, the number of toes involved, your age, your activity level, and other factors. The length of the recovery period will vary, depending on the procedure or procedures performed. This photo shows X-rays of Cynthia Pittman-Osula's feet after surgery to straighten her six hammertoes. The permanent MiToe implants seen in the image should keep the toes aligned and avoid the potential of the condition returning, doctors say. Courtesy Wright Medical Normally, when a person walks, he/she keeps his/her knees straight. Walking in high heels disturbs their alignment. The result, women walking with bent knees. Osteoarthritis is a chronic disease of knee-joint. Women are more prone to this disorder than men. Constant use of high heels is often a cause of it. It is better to avoid using high heels if you are suffering from osteoarthritis. Nov 17, 2009 By Lisabetta DiVita Photo Caption How to Get Rid of Hammer Toes Photo Credit toes image by Sandra Henderson from Fotolia.com Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) may be helpful in managing symptoms of pain, as well as soft tissue and joint inflammation. Some potential complications from hammertoe surgery are infection, swelling and possibly deviation of the toe If a lot of bone is removed the toe may be a bit floppy. This will last for about seven weeks but generally will not be permanent. The term hammertoe, although a somewhat ominous sounding term, is essentially another name for a toe that is bent. It is a toe that is bent due to a bend in the middle joint. If your toe has become rigid and inflexible, surgery may be called for. The type of surgery and the level of invasiveness will depend upon how rigid the toe has become. Doctors who practices podiatry can do it himself or may be also a team member of a medical group. There are podiatrists who work together with a band of doctors in different related medical specialty. For example, they will work in together with a doctor specializing in orthopedics or among multi-specialty group in dealing with podiatry requirements for patients with polygenic disorder. A podiatric practitioner may also evaluate the injuries of the foot or ankle. Some diagnostic center can help in the diagnosing and extent of injury so that a treatment plan set up is put into place. Treatment might include casting or splinting depending on the case at hand. John told me that his toe curled under farther and farther until he wasn't able to hardly walk on his foot the toe was curled so far under. When he finally addressed it with the doctor his toe was to far gone and they had to amputate it. So, (dramatic pause) he tells me that if I want to live my whole life with all 10 toes I needed to A) Stop curling my toes under my foot and B) Follow his toe exercises to the T. Well I was terrified. I already felt like a freak I didn't want to be one with only nine toes!
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carrie underwood tour dates

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The Reality About Brentwood Homes For Sale Neighborhoods And Subdivisions

At the young age of 17 Jordin was the youngest winner in the history of American Idol. Sorry, it did not work for me! And, it came as no surprise to me when I learned that while at Northeastern, Underwood was a member of the Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority and competing in beauty pageants in her spare time. Carrie UnderwoodOpens Up - Cosmo's Quiz Test Being 'country' to Carrie, she says, means "being true to myself." If being a successful singer wouldn't have worked out, she'd probably be "on your local news as a reporter." If Underwood wanted to shock people, she'd release a hip-hop album. The resolution passed, resulting in the Governor Brad Henry of Oklahoma declaring May possibly 25, 2005 as Carrie Underwood Day. 1 nation hits such as, Jesus, Take the Wheel, Ahead of He cheats and Wasted. On February 21st of this year, Kellie performed Martina McBride's doleful ditty, "How Far." Once again, Kellie's passionate delivery was unbelievable. There are lots of families and youngsters, but a great mix of individuals. As I currently described just before, there are several stunning mother and son wedding songs which you can pick from.

By December of the same year, "Carnival Ride" was certified double platinum. I actually listened this several occasions more than the last few days just to let the music sink in, perhaps it will take some time? on January 18, 2006, due to the humongous sales Christopher Ruben Studdard (2003) Also affectionately referred to as the 'Teddy Bear', Ruben Studdard, rose to fame as winner of the second season of the American Idol. What it signifies, what it indicates, where it takes us, exactly where it streams -- every thing. Performing popular nation songs for judges Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson he won every person more than with his charm and teenage disposition. They also have a enormous photo gallery of Carrie Underwood which attributes over four,500 images of the singer. His main label debut Taylor Hicks was released on December 12, 2006 and was at the number two position on the Billboard 200 charts. How Do You Like Me Now?

Carrie has performed the "Star Spangled Banner" during several professional sporting events. So what does that information inform us? Auditioning from Savannah, Georgia; Phillip LaDon Phillips, Jr. Sallie Gooden by Fiddlist A.C. I never could have wished for, asked for, dreamed of more than this, and I thank God for country music. Most of Carrie Underwood's songs are country style, although she does some fantastic remakes of even rock songs. I enjoy chocolate; that's a single of my greatest downfalls. Carrie Underwood is most insecure about her knee scars. Do you comprehend what that indicates? Writing down each bite that you eat in a food journal is an outstanding way to grow to be a lot more conscious of eating practices that may well be advertising weight gain.

If you do decide to adopt a furry pal, Pedigree will give you free dog food for a month. Listen to these tear-jerking enjoy songs, and recall the memories of the one particular you adore. In December 2003, advance orders for Ruben's album Soulful crossed the 1 million mark even prior to it was released into retailers. I Told You So Going old style and moves more than more to my kind of waters, this is nation music. She is functioning on a third album together with John Legend. Nevertheless, we urge you to maintain an open thoughts whilst you go by way of the list, and don't forget that out of hundreds of thousands of songs, we are generating a compilation of only a hundred songs. In truth, the Vote For The Worst internet site was especially unimpressed, and they dubbed Ms. Season Two, which aired in 2003, had some challenging competitors. Feeding all the dogs that are in shelters is a massive activity. He never ever got in the last three positions all through season 9 which he ultimately won.

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In 2008, Underwood joined numerous country/pop/rock singers to carry out the anti-cancer campaign "Stand Up to Cancer". Though many of these songs are also utilised for a bride and groom very first dance songs, you have to be really careful not to appear cheesy and/or pick out a repetitive song to dance on. Cooking isn't Carrie's strength. Performers like Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley have been pioneers of this music genre and have taken it to tremendous heights of recognition. That need to be apparent. Carrie graduated from higher college in Oklahoma as salutatorian. If I can do it myself, I'm going to do it myself. County music is believed to have its roots in the Southern United States. Twisted Much more huge stage music. They're two diverse human beings, with various histories, tips, passions, and so on.
country music
Fisher has a large household and so the lavish wedding with a bigger venue became the only viable choice. After all, this isn't the only music hall of fame across the nation. This makes her not only the initial female artist to win it, but also the very first female artist to do so numerous times generating her a accurate nation music princess. If you don't have it in your refrigerator or cabinet, there's significantly less of a chance you're going to consume it. This is a song about a daughter leaving the nest. She has won numerous awards including Grammys, Academy of Country Music and Nation Music Association Awards. The competitors was great and the runner up was Blake Lewis. Then Carrie picked another three trophies at the American Music Awards for Favored Female Nation Artist, Favorite Country Album and the unique, T-Mobile Text-In Award.
carrie underwood last name
The proceeds from the sale of their wedding photographs have been donated to charity. The happy couple said in a statement Saturday, "We could not feel more blessed to have found each other and to have shared this day with our friends and family that mean so much to us!" The nuptials between Underwood and Mike Fisher took place at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Greensboro, Georgia and was a private event. Take the instance of Patriots higher-definition player, it can download higher-definition films from the net, then connect it to high-definition tv to broadcast, thus, do not worry about the question of "no higher-definition programs to play" of higher-definition television. I would lie if I'd say I'm blown away but so far this is the greatest for me. There is totally no protection against any of these scenarios. Don't miss the subsequent time she performs reside on stage. In a recent interview with Girls's Well being magazine, Underwood stated, "Sometimes our schedules will click, at times they won't.

A press source revealed, "She has blocked off all 251 rooms at the hotel." Miss Underwood will arrive at the venue later today and will attempt to go unnoticed. Following she began attending college at Northeastern University, Carrie's focus became much more on her college significant in Broadcast Journalism. Eyes will be watching this supercouple as they honeymoon, wherever they take us. But, as opposed to most girls who dream of their wedding day, Ms Underwood admitted, she has "no idea" what is taking place in the preparations for her wedding to her hockey player beau because tying the not has never been a large deal for her. When she sings about loving her dog a lot more than any guy I get sort of Shania Twain flash back but this song is a mess. For starters, the nation star took the Cosmo Quiz Test in sharing a lot more about herself with fans. And my preferred element is the bride and groom, father and daughter, and mother and son dances. So if you do not have any of these songs with you, you far better hurry and commence crooning! I wanna make this work so much it hurts..." Again, whom do you imagine Kellie was thinking about?
Auditions for Season 13 are on.

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Who Will Be David Letterman's Eventual Replacement?
Right after researching about sloths, he found that they retailer food in their mouths, which gave him an notion to speak with food in his mouth. So from action-filled comedies to animated motion pictures that the entire household can appreciate, make your summer a small bit cooler and a lot much more hysterical with the funniest summer season motion pictures of 2010 on this list. Right here a full List of Nominees and Winner. Adam Sandler also stars in the film (in which he inexplicably gets to play Salma Hayek's hubby) alongside fellow comedians David Spade, Kevin James, Rob Scheinder, and Chris Rock. Trivia While both Manny and Sid have been shown to have their respective adore interests all through the series, Diego got his female lead only in the 4th installment. Kaling also stated that the character of Toby will return at some point in season 5. Steve Carell voices a villain named Gru, who is plotting the large heist in history: to steal the moon. Granny Voiced by Wanda Sykes "I'll bury y'all and dance on your grave!" Granny is actually Sid's eccentric granny, but becomes the de facto savior of the herd from the pirates, thanks to her "invisible" friend, Precious, the whale. The Ice Age film franchise is a stupendous accomplishment that doesn't come as a surprise whatsoever.

As the story progressed, their brood grew to an ever-expanding, incredibly weird, yet happy family. Trivia In the film, Manny is referred to by several names including Manfred, that neeny weeny mammoth, Manny the Moody Mammoth, Manny the Melancholy, Jumbo, the mammoth, Fat Hair Boy, and buddy. This in fact appears like a backstage region exactly where a bunch of close friends or invited guests sit on chairs and the floor watching Aziz execute the jokes that didn't make the final show. I'm just going over the material. The latter occasion runs in November and will provide a assortment of neighborhood comedians all through New York's infamous stages, which includes the Beacon Theater, exactly where Ansari will carry out. Goofy, smelly, unhygienic, yet immensely lovable, Sid is usually the butt of jokes in the herd. A release date for the spin-off has however to be announced. Dinner for Schmucks - And right here's one more of the funniest summer time films of 2010 starring Steve Carell. So when you laugh at your problems, know this, that the complete world is laughing with you.

I do consider that stuff is a distraction. Because humor causes such a mass ripple of solidarity among us, creating a list of some of the greatest comedians of all time seemed like a great notion! Much more not too long ago, this show has largely been about Twilight, given that the fanatics come out in droves to vote for something associated to it. It is a adhere to-up to his earlier stand-up performances, 'Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening' and 'Dangerously Scrumptious,' which are also obtainable on Netflix. 1 has an itchy trigger finger and one prefers paperwork to hitting the streets, but they're going to do their very best to outdo the huge boy cops (Samuel L. Laughter is a fantastic stress buster and tends to make you really feel like you're not the only one particular facing troubles, because everyone about the globe is! I can feel of one thing today and then operate on it tonight on stage. Manny Voiced by Ray Romano "I'm not fat. There was "California Girls" which was performed by Katy Perry and Snoop Dogg.

Just when you thought all the film awards ceremonies honoring last year's motion pictures were more than with... Ben Stiller, Tom Cruise, Mike Myers, Jim Carrey, and Adam Sandler won the award in past presentations. I hope that's not taking concentrate away from the simple art of the stand-up. Trivia The flashback in the movie was initially going to concentrate on Manny's conflict with his 1st family. Unfamiliar with the name? And, this came to be the excellent voice for Sid. Aziz is not merely regulated to the modest screen. I would be so scared for the safety of my kids. AA: Not that I can bear in mind. An individual funny will have to fill the 11:35 p.m.

She's currently extremely funny and she runs a show that follows the monologue, sketch, celebrity interview format. Whenever I do shows, there's never a person yelling, "Oh, you suck." It's more like someone's really drunk and they just like talking with friends and being rude. Aziz does a great job at some of his comedy and other components are much more of a hit and miss with me but other individuals may possibly like his take on items like sushi at a regional restaurant in the particular functions. Ansari imitated R. Trivia Granny is voiced by Wanda Sykes, a single of the finest stand-up comediennes belonging to the existing lot. But I truly didn't see touring in theaters as an end objective. I wouldn't be shocked if Ellen herself change the late evening tv scene. Here we see the onset of romantic comedies that created us laugh and cry at the exact same time! The show wishes to continue this run this year putting "Parks and Recreation" star Aziz Ansari as the event's host. The character is voiced by director Chris Wedge who is also a single of the directors of the franchise.
aziz ansari
I'm betting this will most likely be a single of the greatest summer comedies of 2010 with this wonderful team, seeing as how it's also directed by Jay Roach ('Meet the Parents' and the Austin Powers movies). AA: Properly, I just believe Netflix is one particular of the handful of outlets we have to release materials, exactly where men and women who are watching really get to continue shows and specials in the way they like to. Trivia As Diego's love interest, Shira is a saber-toothed cat, but as opposed to him, she is a snow leopard. Nevertheless, 3 small orphan girls who see the evil genius as a possible dad just may well stop him from generating our nights a complete lot darker. Killer instincts come naturally to him, particularly when dealing with Sid, but his loyalty towards his buddies tends to take over. Don't miss some of the funniest summer films of 2010 about to hit theaters and giggle away a one hundred degree day with some of the ideal upcoming comedies. Ellie Voiced by Queen Latifah "Me? For this a single, 'Buried Alive,' there was a poster that looked like an old magician poster, so I wanted one thing that resembled that.
sandra bullock
AA: No, not genuinely. Q: Do you have any great story about hecklers, or etiquette about how you deal with them? Mindy Kaling, who writes and stars on the show, has stated the on-going Jim and Pam enjoy story will be resolved this season, and audiences won't have to wait very extended to breathe a sigh of relief. Manny's heart belongs to his quirky brood and is prone to go the complete nine yards to maintain them out of trouble. Shira Voiced by Jennifer Lopez "Don't, call me Kitty." Shira is the gorgeous, firebrand saber-toothed feline, who is a part of Captain Gutt's gang of pirates. Pixar just appears to be getting much better and greater about attractive to adults and young children alike, so this will certainly be one particular of the summer time comedies of 2010 that will appeal to a wide audience. Other Characters Will Arnett as Lone Gunslinger Vulture Jay Leno as Quick Tony, the Giant armadillo Tom Fahn as Stu, the Glyptodon Alex Sullivan as James, the Aardvark Alan Tudyk as Cholly, the Chalicothere Carlos Saldanha as Cretaceous, a Metriorhynchus Carlos Saldanha as Maelstrom, a Globidens Dee Bradley Baker as Piranhas Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (2009) This time, the Herd avails the solutions of Buck, the weasel to rescue Sid who wanders off with a female T-rex. AA: I'm seeing that whenever I do standup, people who know my standup may not know 'Parks and Recreation.' I also don't feel there's many people who are seeing 'Parks and then they're like, "Oh, well let me spend X amount of dollars to see his stand up." So I feel like they're separate things.

Ali Larter - "Obsessed" Beyoncé Knowles vs. Sound enhanced the interpretation of comedy like in no way prior to.

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Toe - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Toe - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This article is about the body part.For other uses, see Toe (disambiguation).ToesToes.jpgToes on the foot. The innermost toe (bottom-left in image), which is normally called the big toe, is the hallux.Ospied-de.svgBones of the foot (the toe bones are the ones in green, blue and orange)LatinDigiti pedis
Toes are the digits of the foot of a tetrapod. Animal species such as cats that walk on their toes are described as being digitigrade. Humans, and other animals that walk on the soles of their feet, are described as being plantigrade; unguligrade animals are those that walk on hooves at the tips of their toes.

Contents1 Structure1.1 Muscles1.2 Blood supply1.3 Innervation1.4 Size1.5 Variation2 Function3 Clinical relevance3.1 Deformity3.2 In reconstruction4 Society and culture4.1 Toe reading5 In other animals6 See also7 References8 External links

Structure[edit]Bones of the right foot. Plantar surface.
The toe refers to part of the human foot, with five toes present on each human foot. Each toe consists of three phalanx bones, the proximal, middle, and distal, with the exception of the big toe (Latin: Hallux). The hallux only contains two phalanx bones, the proximal and distal. The phalanx bones of the toe join to the metatarsal bones of the foot at the interphalangeal joints.[1]:557 Outside the hallux bones is skin, and present on all five toes is a toenail.

The toes are, from medial to lateral:
The first toe, also known as the hallux ("big toe" or "great toe"), the innermost toeThe second toe, or "long toe"The third toe, or "middle toe"The fourth toe, or "ring toe"The fifth toe, or "little toe", "pinky toe", or "baby toe"), the outermost toe.
Muscles[edit]See also: Foot#Muscles
Toe movement is generally flexion and extension via muscular tendons that attach to the toes on the anterior and superior surfaces of the phalanx bones.[1]:573

With the exception of the hallux, toe movement is generally governed by action of the flexor digitorum brevis and extensor digitorum brevis muscles. These attach to the sides of the bones,[1]:572-5 making it impossible to move individual toes independently. Muscles between the toes on their top and bottom also help to bring abduct and adduct the toes.[1]:579 The hallux and little toe have unique muscles:
The hallux is primarily flexed by the flexor hallucis longus muscle, located in the deep posterior of the lower leg, via the flexor hallucis longus tendon. Additional flexion control is provided by the flexor hallucis brevis. It is extended by the abductor hallucis muscle and the adductor hallucis muscle.The little toe has a separate set of control muscles and tendon attachments, the flexor and abductor digiti minimi. Numerous other foot muscles contribute to fine motor control of the foot. The connective tendons between the minor toes accounts for the inability to actuate individual toes.
Blood supply[edit]
The toes receive blood from the digital branches of the plantar metatarsal arteries and drain blood into the dorsal venous arch of the foot.[1]:580-581

Sensation to the skin of the toes is provided by five nerves. The superficial fibular nerve supplies sensation to the top of the toes, except between the hallux and second toe, which is supplied by the deep fibular nerve, and the outer surface of the fifth toe, supplied by the sural nerve. Sensation to the bottom of the toes is supplied by the medial plantar nerve, which supplies sensation to the great toe and inner three-and-a-half toes, and the lateral plantar nerve, which supplies sensation to the little toe and half of the sensation of the fourth toe.[1]:583

Size[edit]See also: Digit ratio
In humans, the hallux is usually longer than the second toe. There is an inherited trait in humans, where the dominant gene causes a longer second toe ("Morton's toe" or "Greek foot") while the homozygous recessive genotype presents with the more common trait: a longer hallux.[2] People with the rare genetic disease fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva characteristically have a short hallux which appears to turn inward, or medially, in relation to the foot.

The hallux may not be the longest toe on the foot of some individuals. The name stems from the Latin for the same, similar to the pollex, which refers to the thumb, the corresponding digit of the hand. The fifth toe is the outermost usually the smallest toe of the foot.

Humans usually have five toes on each foot. When more than five toes are present, this is known as polydactyly. Other variants may include syndactyly or amputation.

Forefoot shape, including toe shape, exhibits significant variation among people; these differences can be measured and have been statistically correlated with ethnicity.[3] Such deviations may affect comfort and fit for various shoe types. Research conducted by Freedman for the U.S. Army indicated that larger feet may still have smaller arches, toe length, and toe-breadth.[4]

The human foot consists of multiple bones and soft tissues which support the weight of the upright human. Specifically, the toes assist the human while walking,[5] providing balance, weight-bearing, and thrust during the gait.

Clinical relevance[edit]
A sprain or strain to the small interphalangeal joints of the toe is commonly called a stubbed toe.[6] A sprain or strain where the toe joins to the foot is called turf toe.

Long-term use of improperly sized shoes can cause misalignment of toes, as well as other orthopedic problems.

Morton's neuroma commonly results in pain and numbness in the third and fourth toes of the sufferer, due to it affecting the nerve between the third and fourth metatarsal bones. If this occurs, the symptoms will be felt up left-hand side of the third toe (and the right-hand side of the fourth toe.[7]

The big toe is also the most common locus of ingrown nails and gout attacks.

Deformity[edit]Main articles: Claw toe, Hammer toe, Trigger toe, and Bunion
Deformities of the foot include hammer toe, trigger toe, and claw toe. Hammer toe can be described as an abnormal contraction or "buckling" of a toe. This is done by a partial or complete dislocation of one of the joints, which form the toes. Since the toes are deformed further, these may press against a shoe and cause pain. Deformities of the foot can also be caused by rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes mellitus. Deformities may predispose to ulcers and pain, especially when shoe-wearing.

A common problem involving the big toe is the formation of bunions. These are structural deformities of the bones and the joint between the foot and big toe, and may be painful.[8] Similar deformity involving the fifth toe is described as tailor's bunion or bunionette.

In reconstruction[edit]
A favourable option for the reconstruction of missing adjacent fingers[9]/multiple digit amputations, i.e. such as a metacarpal hand reconstruction, is to have a combined second and third toe transplantation.[10] Third and fourth toe transplantation are also good.[11]

Society and culture[edit]
Toe reading[edit]
Within reflexology (a pseudoscientific alternative medicine with no supporting evidence), the third toe is referred to as the Fire Toe. It supposedly can tell how direct the owner is - how focused they are to complete tasks and obtain their goals. A straight toe is said to mean great focus and determination. A pointed toe means they are bossy. A downward-pointed toe means that the owner can be easily prevented from achieving their goals.[12] It is called the Fire toe because it represents the Fire element (big toe is ether, second toe is air, fourth toe is water, and fifth toe is earth). The fire relates to heat and fire, which in turn relates to perception and will, hence what the toe represents. Rubbing the third toe helps to stimulate it, and therefore restrengthens the person's fire element.[13]

In other animals[edit]
In birds with anisodactyl or heterodactyl feet, the hallux is opposed or directed backwards and allows for grasping and perching.

While the thumb is often mentioned as one of the signature characteristics in humans, this manual digit remains partially primitive and is actually present in all primates. In humans, the most derived digital feature is the hallux.[14]

See also[edit]
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March 19 2014


Ball of Foot Pain Causes, Symptoms & Treatment | Medi-Dyne®

Ball of Foot Pain Causes, Symptoms & Treatment | Medi-Dyne®

Ball of Foot Pain Treatment
Your first step in relieving ball of foot pain is determining what is causing the pain. The easiest place to start is with your shoes. This isn't the first time you've read that high heels and even flat shoes can be bad for your feet. So, if you want to stop the pain, or want to take steps to prevent plantar fasciitis, buy shoes with a low to moderate heel, good arch support, and shock absorbency. Try not to go barefoot, especially on hard surfaces. Your choice of shoes and the added support you can give them can make all the difference.

Replace Your Insoles- High-impact activity is a contributor to the wearing down of the padding at the balls of your feet, so be sure that your athletic shoes are providing the maximum support. Replace your insoles before they stop supporting and cushioning your feet. The same goes for dress shoes. Designers are typically focused on the outside of the shoe - so you need to focus on the inside. It's a good idea to replace the insole of even a new pair of shoes with one that provides more support, especially arch support, and shock absorption.

Immediate Relief
Tuli's(R) Metatarsal Cushions - These offer maximum shock absorption for the balls of your feet. Because of their unique design, Tuli's Metatarsal Cushions do not need adhesive to stay in place and lift out easily for use in multiple pairs of shoes. Soft Moves Ball of Foot Pads- Designed for sandals or open toe shoes.
Long Term Healing
Stretch & Strengthen
ProStretch PlusTM - ProStretch Plus delivers a technological advanced stretch that makes increasing strength and flexibility in the calves, hamstrings, Plantar fascia, and toes easier and more effective.

March 18 2014


Ankle Pain Causes, Symptoms & Treatment | Medi-Dyne®

Ankle Pain Causes, Symptoms & Treatment | Medi-Dyne®

What is Ankle Pain?
Because your ankle bears the weight of your entire body, it is often prone to pain and injury. Ankle pain can be felt on the inner portion of the ankle, on the outer portion, along the Achilles tendon, and even near the upper portion of the foot. Ankle pain causes are typically easy to treat, but sometimes take some time to resolve. This is why it is important to understand the ankle pain symptoms and causes, so that you can begin treatment immediately. Learn how to prevent ankle pain with advice from Medi-Dyne. We also have ankle pain exercises that can help ease your pain.
Ankle Pain Causes
Anyone can experience ankle pain, whether they are very active or not. Some of the most common of those causes include:
Ankle Sprain - This occurs when the joint of the ankle suddenly becomes forcefully twisted or bent, causing the ligaments to stretch or tear. This is common in individuals who play sports but could happen to anyone while walking down the street. Weak Ankles - Ankles become weak due to a variety of causes. They may be hereditary, occur do to over-use, excessive body weight, or as the result of a previous injury. Achilles Tendonitis - Achilles tendonitis is a condition that affects the Achilles tendon and often causes pain at the back of the ankles. Arthritis - Arthritis is a condition that affects the joints and often causes the ankle to become inflamed and weak.
Ankle Pain Symptoms
Ankle pain symptoms can range from occasional aches and pains which are often treatable at home, including:
Pain in the ankle while walking, running, jogging, or jumping
To more severe pain:
Redness around the ankle Swelling or inflammation of the ankle A dull pain that is present, even when immobile The inability to walk up or down stairs
Be sure to see your doctor if you have any question about your ankle pain or if symptoms get worse.

Ankle Pain Treatment
When you're in pain what you really want is relief. Often immediate relief is only part of the solution. That's why stretching and strengthening provide the long-term solution that will keep you pain free and at peak performance.

Immediate Relief
Cho-Pat(R) Dynamic Ankle Compression Sleeve- Helps alleviate pain caused by tendonitis, ligament weakness, instability, arthritis, and overuse syndromes. Tuli's(R) Cheetahs - Cheetahs provide the ultimate relief for athletes and other individuals who put an intense amount of pressure on their feet, providing greater support and more comfort.
Tuli's(R) DiamondBacks- Unites a cushioned waffle gel with effective arch support to create the perfect balance of support and comfort.
Long-Term Healing
Stretch and Strengthen
ProStretch Plus(TM) - The ProStretch Plus offers an advanced method for stretching the muscles that support the ankles, giving the area a more effective stretch, while reducing the amount of stretch-related injuries.

Immediate ReliefDiamondbacksTired, aching feet from shoes that look great but don't feel quite as good? DiamondbacksTM can make almost any shoe comfortable!The unique design of the Diamondbacks unites a...Long Term HealingProStretch PlusProStretch Plus - Stretch like the ProsFor over 20 years, the ProStretch has been the favorite of professional athletes, athletic trainers and physical therapists worldwide. ...Immediate ReliefCho-Pat Dynamic Ankle Compression SleeveCho-Pat's Dynamic Ankle Compression Sleeve is a comfortable, knitted support that combines warmth, compression, and support to help reduce pain, discomfort and promote healing....Immediate ReliefTuli's Cheetah - FittedHeel and Ankle Support Gymnasts and Dancers Count On!Gymnasts and dancers of all levels have come to love Tuli's(R) Cheetahs ankle supports because of the dynamic combinatio...

March 16 2014


Foot Anatomy... Bones of the feet

Foot Anatomy... Bones of the feet
the first metatarsophalangeal joint.
This is the joint between the great toe and the first metatarsal - the big toe joint.

foot anatomy bone structure

These boney structures lie beneath more than twenty different muscles and over one hundred different ligaments. In amongst all this we have a network of blood vessels and nerves providing essential nutrients and messages enabling it all to function.

WARNING : This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace professional podiatric advice. Treatment will vary between individuals depending upon your diagnosis and presenting complaint. An accurate diagnosis can only be made following personal consultation with a Podiatrist, your Doctor or your foot specialist.

Still have a question about your foot problem, leg pain or you just need some footwear advice? Visit our Foot Problems page and ask us a question about your specific problem. We'll do our best to help.

More info on foot pain and foot anatomy

To find a Podiatrist or Foot Doctor near you visit our Find a Podiatrist page and click on your country.

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Fetish Exhibition :: Fetish-BDSM links

Fetish Exhibition :: Fetish-BDSM links

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March 12 2014


Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint

This stretch is performed in the seated position. Cross your affected foot over the knee of your other leg. Grasp the toes of your painful foot and slowly pull them toward you in a controlled fashion. If it is difficult to reach your foot, wrap a towel around your big toe to help pull your toes toward you. Place your other hand along the plantar fascia. The fascia should feel like a tight band along the bottom of your foot when stretched. Hold the stretch for 10 seconds. Repeat it 20 times for each foot. This exercise is best done in the morning before standing or walking. Cortisone injections.

Heel pain is usually felt in two main sections of the heel, under the heel and in the back of the heel. In most cases, when people suffer from pain in the back of the heel it is related to overuse or inflammation of the Achilles tendon. When people suffer from plantar fasciitis pain, it can be caused by a person stepping on a large stone or rock which bruises the heel, or it can be caused by inflammation of the plantar fascia. A heel that is hurt by a sharp object will heal on its own over time.

If you are living with Plantar Fasciitis, then it is inevitable that you will wake up in the morning with pain in the bottom of your foot. This happens because your foot is relaxed when you sleep, and the tendons start to tighten. There are two ways to deal with this. You can do your stretching exercises immediately after you wake up in the morning, which may be more painful. The other alternative is to wear an ankle brace that keeps your tendons stretched at night. The ankle brace is huge, uncomfortable, and all around awful. I got rid of the brace about an hour after putting it on.

The option of surgery for treatment of plantar fasciitis is prescribed only, if the pain is very severe and if natural treatments do not cure the condition. The most common type of surgical treatment is the plantar fascia release or which is medically known as, endoscopic plantar fasciotomy. This involves the release or removal of the fascia, by preparing a small incision on the inside of the heel. Further, the inflamed tissue is either released or removed. Other commonly followed treatment is the heel spur removal. Heel spur removal aims at removing the heel spur and repairing the plantar fascia region.

Pain from plantar fasciitis can cause sharp pain on the bottom of the foot and can affect quality of life in many people. The American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine states that heel pain is the most common complaint to podiatric practitioners throughout the country. According to the National Library of Medicine, treatments for heel pain include rest, medicines, exercises and taping. They also mention that surgery is rarely needed in cases of heel pain caused by conditions like plantar fasciitis. Some exercises can be performed at home without a lot of equipment and can help with the symptoms associated with plantar fasciitis. Anatomyplantar fasciitis stretches

If you walk without proper arch support in your shoes eventually your arches will fall. When this happens it causes your plantar fascia to stretch. This makes the fascia tighter than it should be and this causes pain. For many people the fascia gets so tight that it starts to pull at the heel bone. After many years of pulling these people may develop a heel spur. This is when the heel bone grows a little bump on it because of the constant pulling. This may be accompanied by pain but it may be painless.

Plantar fasciitis pain can last six to 18 months or longer, so it is important to be patient. Your podiatrist will evaluate your feet to determine if you need to have special supports, called orthotics, inserted into your regular shoes or your running shoes. You may be asked to stop carrying heavy weights or participating in sports until your foot heals. Your podiatrist may refer you to a physical therapist to start a series of exercises to strengthen and stretch your foot and calf muscles, including wall stretches and stair stretches. Medical Interventions.

Night splints usually are designed to keep a person's ankle in a neutral position overnight. Most individuals naturally sleep with the feet plantar-flexed, a position that causes the plantar fascia to be in a foreshortened position. A night dorsiflexion splint allows passive stretching of the calf and the plantar fascia during sleep. Theoretically, it also allows any healing to take place while the plantar fascia is in an elongated position, thus creating less tension with the first step in the morning. A night splint can be molded from plaster or fiberglass casting material or may be a prefabricated, commercially produced plastic brace ( Figure 8 )

Should all other attempts to resolve Plantar Fasciitis prove unsuccessful, surgery or corticosteroid injections may be indicated. Corticosteroid injections can be helpful in the short- term for pain relief. Unfortunately the fundamental problem is not addressed and therefore recurrence rates can be quite high. There are a number of different options for surgical intervention, each with varying results. Options for surgical intervention include the Topaz procedure, Plantar Fascia release procedure, and ultrasound guided needle fasciotomy. Surgery is typically a last-ditch effort to correct for Plantar Fasciitis The more invasive surgeries run the risk of nerve damage and infection. Surgery should only be considered after all conservative measures have been exhausted.

Plantar Fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain in adults in the United States. Also, plantar fasciitis can lead to a much more serious condition called a heel spur, where the front and bottom of the heel have an extra bone growth, which leads to serious pain while walking. Many people can confuse these two because they are so closely related. Plantar fasciitis can especially lead the heel spurs, but not the other way around. The only way to determine if you have a heel spur, is through an x-ray or some sort of imaging technique that a doctor would use.plantar fasciitis sock

January 11 2014


���Top 5 Causes Of Severe Back Pain

If you are wearing the wrong kind of shoes this can cause back pain. If your shoes are not providing you with sufficient support this can also result in back pain. Many individuals opt to use orthotics, which are devices such as arch supports that you put in your shoes to provide you with more support and cushioning. This will help relieve your back pain. Intractable back pain is characterized by four traits including disabling pain, severe pain, constant pain and pain that affects other aspects of your body including your hormone levels, blood pressure, neurologic systems and pulse rate.

Radio frequency ablation is a treatment option for lumbar pain. It works by using a probe that produces localized heat. The probe makes contact with a nerve, causing a reduction in pain sensation. Anterior degenerative disc disease is not actually a disease. It encompasses a number of symptoms that result from a damaged disc and starts affecting people in their 30s. Treatments depend on the severity of your condition and other factors. If you are experiencing pain in your back and legs, you could have a herniated disc. Your doctor can help you evaluate the risks and benefits of possible treatments like an epidural.

Most people have experienced, at some point in their lives, back pain. The Mayo Clinic reports that in the United States, four out of five people do. Your back is composed of an intricate network of structures, made up of bone, ligaments, tendons, and cartilage-like pads called discs. Any one of these can lead to occasional or chronic back pain. One easy and common treatment for almost any cause of your pain is ice therapy. A herniated disc is the same thing as a ruptured disc. The condition is also sometimes referred to as a slipped disc, although that term isn't quite accurate because nothing has actually slipped.back pain pregnancy

Retrolisthesis is a posterior displacement of one vertebrae in the back; it is typically described as one vertebra that slides backwards onto the vertebra below. It is mainly found in the cervical spine and lumbar region or, more rarely, in the thoracic spine. Retrolisthesis can occur from degenerative changes in the spine, or it can be caused by trauma. It is a painful condition that negatively affects the quality of life of the sufferer. A herniated disc occurs when a bulging disc compresses the nerve endings in the spine. The condition can be very painful and will radiate to the extremities, but the back itself is normally not in pain.

Few people have heard of the sacroiliac joint, although it is the strongest, most functionally important joint in the entire human structure. It supports the weight of the entire upper body and diffuses it throughout the pelvic area, much like a shock absorber. Problems with this joint - specifically what is known as sacroiliac joint dysfunction - are often the cause of sciatic pain. Sciatic nerve problems occur when the base of the spine and the sciatic nerve are pushed together, usually because of injury or too much pressure, such as overgrown spinal bone, over an extended period of time. Treatment depends on the cause and degree of the problem.

Back and foot pain are often the result of poorly fitted shoes. Finding the proper shoes, however, can be a tedious and expensive process. Shoe inserts can stop pain and discomfort. All you need is some basic understanding of the types of inserts on the market and how they are applied. This knowledge will help you avoid spending thousands of dollars on orthopedic shoes, pain medication and repetitive visits to your doctor that may not be necessary. Shingles can be a painful and debilitating condition that is often difficult to treat. There are medications that may help to shorten the duration of shingles and help to reduce pain.back pain symptoms
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